Find out what we do!!

Everyone in our team is skilled and earned lot of experience in creating mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and desktop (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) Apps.

Why you should trust us?

Our centre is settled in Poland, the house of the most world-wide well-known developers! Our job is really value-for-money, creating awesome and attracting apps, the basis of your success!
FELG Software translates your ideas to concrete Apps and offers a secure hosting of all your sensitive data. Our company standards respond to the European Union safety regulation.

What we do

Believe in us! We strongly believe in our competence, our skilled services, our team members…we believe in our results because we love our work and our clients!

Some Facts About Us

We are all professionals in our business. We love technology, precision instruments, perfection!! Clients are astonished by their new Apps…we are satisfied by their comments on our products!!

Happy Users

Finished Projects

Open Projects

One important feature

We translate your ideas in concrete apps!

Attracting design

Apps should be considered attractive, awesome, smart, easy-to-use, client friendly: just ask how you want your app and we create it from an idea.


Your Apps…. everywhere

All softwares are available from all over the world…an internet connection is the key. All our apps are in the cloud, 24 hours per day, only for you.

All OS are available

We design, create and develop apps for all devices, mobile or desktop version will work perfectly on one or different devices.


App settings

All apps can be customized on the favourite settings, from the background colours to the pop-up messages, from the welcome board to the language.

Up-to-date Apps

All apps follows the mood of the day. Settings, buttons, messages, are studied to give the best design app of the market


We will never leave you

An HelpDesk, active 5 days a week is available by phone, mail and chat. Contact our market or technical support to enjoy all the features of our Apps.